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“Un-swipe” for meet-ups in Goa by Vijaya Josephine Pais

Vijaya Josephine Pais, the creator and curator of Offbeat Goa and several other community-driven initiatives, including ‘UN-SWIPE’, recently shared insights online about her latest endeavor and we have covered it here officially on androguru.com.

Offbeat Goa, founded in 2014 as a Facebook group, has since grown into a vibrant online community with over 80K members across platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. It serves as a platform to promote sustainability and offbeat experiences in Goa, ranging from addressing textile waste crises to organizing meetups like the Sisterhood of Goa, covering topics from self-defense to perimenopause.

In October 2022, Offbeat Goa expanded its horizons by establishing the Offbeat Goa Space, a physical hub housing Cafe-We, Shine Hair Studio, and hosting a variety of meet-ups, workshops, and concerts.

One of Vijaya’s standout initiatives is UN-SWIPE, an offline dating meetup designed to provide a safe space for individuals tired of the superficiality of online dating apps. Participants mingle in a relaxed environment, fostering connections beyond looks and bios, with the potential to form friendships as well.

The concept is simple – attendees fill out a short form detailing their preferences and availability, and upon approval, secure their spot for the event. UN-SWIPE events operate with age brackets, ensuring a diverse mix of participants.

Since its inception, UN-SWIPE has hosted three successful events, with positive feedback and growing interest prompting plans for future meetups with smaller age brackets to cater to specific preferences.

Despite the challenges of maintaining gender balance, Vijaya remains committed to creating inclusive spaces, witnessing a growing number of women embracing such events.

Looking ahead, UN-SWIPE’s next event is scheduled for February 24, with interested individuals encouraged to fill out the vetting form available via QR scan or directly from the organizers. With each event, UN-SWIPE continues its mission to revolutionize offline dating in Goa, and across Maharashtra.

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