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Gemini toggle finally in process for the Android version of the Google app

Google is continuously enhancing its app for both Android and iOS platforms. According to a report that surfaced online, the company is currently working on introducing a new toggle feature to switch between Search and Gemini AI for Android users. While this toggle is already available in the iOS version of the app, its absence in the Android version has been noted for some time.

The development of a toggle for Gemini AI in Google’s Android app marks the integration of generative AI technology into various Google services, including Gmail. The recent addition of a toggle in the iOS version allows users to seamlessly switch between traditional search functionality and utilizing Gemini AI. However, this feature has been conspicuously missing from the Android app.

Recent findings from an in-progress version of the app, uncovered by leaker AssembleDebug, indicate that Google is actively working on implementing this toggle for Android users. Although the specific version of the app is not mentioned, screenshots and videos demonstrate its functionality, mirroring that of the iOS counterpart.

As of now, the exact release date for the toggle remains unclear. It could undergo further refinement by Google before being officially rolled out, a process that may span weeks or even months. Initially, users enrolled in the beta version of the Google app are likely to be the first to test and provide feedback on this new feature.

In the meantime, Android users can continue accessing Gemini AI through the standalone app, while iOS users can conveniently utilize it directly within the Google app.

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