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Google Wallet app update lets users add cards to the home screen

Similar to other app shortcuts, you can easily drag them to your preferred spot on the home screen to create a permanent icon.

Google has been enhancing its Wallet app with exciting new features recently. Now, users can conveniently add tickets and passes directly from Gmail or utilize their bank card for public transit payments without ID verification. And here’s the kicker: selecting which card to pay with is about to become even easier and faster.

According to some online sources, Google Wallet for Android is introducing support for app shortcuts. This handy feature allows users to place their credit and debit cards directly on their home screen for quick access.

Once the update is available on your device, a long-press on Google Wallet will reveal app shortcuts for your saved credit and debit cards. These shortcuts showcase a picture of the card alongside details like the credit card network and the last four digits.

Google Wallet new Android app shortcuts - androguru

Similar to other app shortcuts, you can easily drag them to your preferred spot on the home screen to create a permanent icon. This grants you one-tap access to the card, opening up the card page with a larger view and a list of recent activity.

Although these card shortcuts haven’t been widely rolled out yet, they are visible in version 24.12.x of Google Wallet following a server-side update. Ensure you also have the latest Google Play services (24.10.17) installed to utilize this feature.

For users who frequently switch between cards, this feature could be a significant time-saver. Instead of navigating through the in-app carousel after opening Wallet, you can now access your cards directly from the home screen.

Google Wallet proves to be a versatile app, enabling users to add not only bank cards but also passes for various events like travel, concerts, and more. Additionally, Google Wallet has begun supporting driver’s licenses and digital IDs in select US states, with more expected to follow suit soon.



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