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Jahez has announced the launch of its “Ready for Good” initiative

Local favorite Jahez, the leading food delivery app in Bahrain, is proud to announce the launch of its “Ready for Good” initiative. This exciting program signifies Jahez’s dedication to social responsibility and creating a positive change within the Bahraini community.

Through “Ready for Good,” Jahez has partnered with various esteemed charities, offering users a convenient and impactful way to contribute to important social and humanitarian causes. The initiative aligns with Jahez’s vision of taking an active role in sustainable development and supporting deserving groups in Bahrain.

“We are thrilled to launch ‘Ready for Good’ and empower our users to be a force for positive change,” Jawad Mahmood Jawad (CEO at Jahez International Company) said. “By partnering with reputable charities, we aim to provide a platform for effortless giving and contribute to a brighter future for Bahrain.”

Contributing to a cause you care about is now easier than ever with the Jahez app. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Open the Jahez app and locate the new “Ready for Good” icon.
  2. Explore a curated list of impactful social and humanitarian initiatives supported by Jahez’s charity partners.
  3. Choose a cause that resonates with you and donate securely within the app itself.

Jahez believes that every donation, regardless of amount, contributes significantly to the collective effort. “Ready for Good” fosters a user-driven approach to social impact, empowering individuals to contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous Bahrain.

The company plans to keep users updated on the incredible work undertaken by their partner charities. With “Ready for Good,” Jahez is paving the way for a future where technology empowers social responsibility and fosters a spirit of giving within the Bahraini community.


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