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Ookla speedtest shows how 5G boosts popular services in Canada

Ookla, the company behind the popular Speedtest app, has released new data highlighting Canada’s impressive performance in 5G network speeds. Their research focused on how quickly webpages load on 5G compared to 4G networks.

Canadians using 5G can expect significantly faster loading times for popular online services like YouTube, Facebook, and Google. Here’s a breakdown:

Facebook: Scrolling through your Facebook feed feels noticeably smoother on 5G. With a load time of just 1 second, compared to 1.3 seconds on 4G, Canadians experience a 23% improvement. That means less waiting and more time to catch up with friends and family.

Google: Whether you’re searching for information or browsing your favorite websites, 5G delivers a significant speed boost. Google webpage loads take just 0.6 seconds on 5G, compared to 0.7 seconds on 4G. This 18% improvement might seem small, but it can add up throughout the day, making your web browsing experience more efficient.

YouTube: Canadians can enjoy a noticeably smoother viewing experience on YouTube with 5G. Videos load in just 1.3 seconds on 5G, shaving off 0.3 seconds compared to 4G’s 1.6 seconds. This 16% improvement means less buffering and waiting, allowing you to jump right into your favorite content.

The Ookla report goes on to reveal that Canada, among the countries analyzed, has the fastest overall 5G page load speeds. This includes leading the pack in loading times for Facebook, Google, and Youtube.

5G loads 20-30% faster than 4G in Brazil

For a deeper dive into Ookla’s findings and country-wise information about speed, you can access the full report here. The numbers have been tested and verified to showcase the authenticity certain telecom providers have in Canada.


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