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Pakistan ranks 10th for mobile usage on a global level

Pakistanis are spending an incredible amount of time on their mobile devices, ranking 10th globally for total hours spent at a staggering 99 billion in 2023. This high mobile usage is fueling a growing app market, but there’s room for local developers to take a bigger bite of the pie.

The number of broadband subscriptions in Pakistan has reached 124 million, with users averaging a healthy 7.5GB of data consumption per month.

While app downloads haven’t mirrored this growth, remaining relatively flat at 3.51 billion in 2023 compared to the previous year, it reflects a global trend. Experts see this as an opportunity for app developers to create innovative solutions that cater to the rising demand for mobile-based services, across entertainment, finance, and more.

Social media and entertainment continue to reign supreme, with video streaming giant TikTok leading the pack with 31.8 million downloads in 2023.

Messaging giant WhatsApp and Facebook remain popular choices, alongside video editing app CapCut. Interestingly, games continue to be a major draw, accounting for over a third of all downloads.

However, Pakistani app developers haven’t fully capitalized on this app frenzy. The number of Pakistani-made apps released in 2023 dropped by 11.4% compared to 2022. There is a positive sign though, with a slight uptick in locally developed games.

Pakistani users are showing their support for homegrown apps in some categories. Photo editing apps like Photoshot and Remove It, along with the AI art generator Imagine, topped the charts for local apps. Easypaisa, a mobile wallet platform, secured the fourth spot with 12 million downloads, while entertainment app Tamasha rounded out the top five with 11.9 million downloads.

SuperVPN solidified its position as the second-most downloaded utility app with a 6.2% increase in downloads. JazzCash, a personal finance app, witnessed a significant 16.8% year-on-year growth, indicating a rising need for mobile financial tools. Cryptomania, a new entrant in the business category, is a cryptocurrency trading simulator that saw a remarkable 90.2% download surge, reflecting growing interest in the crypto world.

Pakistan’s economic struggles, including high inflation and currency devaluation, impacted shopping apps. Downloads for the top five shopping apps, including Daraz and Alibaba.com, declined, primarily due to a 56.9% drop in Alibaba.com usage.

Despite the slowdown in app downloads, Pakistan’s mobile-first culture presents a promising market for developers.

By creating a wider variety of innovative apps and addressing the recent decline in cellular subscriptions, Pakistan’s mobile app market is poised for sustained growth in the future.

Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh is a talented and experienced writer with a passion for technology and digital innovation. With a background in journalism and content creation, Vineeta has honed her skills in delivering insightful and engaging articles on various topics related to tech, gadgets, and the latest trends in the digital world.

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