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Revolut is the most downloaded finance app in the UK and Europe

Revolut, the popular financial app, is celebrating a banner year in 2023. According to their annual report, the company achieved significant milestones across customer base, revenue, and global reach.

  • 45 Million Customers Worldwide: Revolut now boasts a user base of 45 million customers globally, as of June 2024. This represents a substantial increase in user adoption.
  • Dominating Downloads: Revolut has secured the top spot as the most downloaded finance app in a staggering 11 countries. This widespread adoption highlights the growing popularity of their financial services platform.
  • Global Expansion: Revolut continues to expand its international presence, entering new markets in New Zealand and Brazil. The company now operates in 38 countries, offering its services to an even wider audience.
  • Revenue Surge: Revolut’s revenue skyrocketed to $2.2 billion in 2023, reflecting a remarkable 95% increase compared to the previous year. This significant financial growth indicates the company’s strong market position.
  • Profitability Confirmed: Revolut’s profitability streak continues. The company reported a pre-tax profit of $545 million, marking the third consecutive year of operating in the black.
  • Protecting Users: Revolut remains committed to user safety. The company estimates that it prevented $590 million in potentially fraudulent transactions in 2023, showcasing their robust security measures.
  • Building Trust: With $23 billion securely held in customer balances, Revolut demonstrates its dedication to safeguarding user funds, a key factor in building trust with its customer base.

Revolut’s impressive 2023 performance positions the company for continued success. With a growing user base, expanding global presence, and strong financial standing, Revolut looks poised to remain a major player in the financial technology landscape.


Nisha Mehta

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