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Sundar Pichai has started using the Google Pixel 8 Pro

In a recent interview, Google CEO Sundar Pichai shed light on his smartphone usage habits. While he’s been testing Google’s recently launched foldable phone, the Pixel Fold, for some time, Pichai confessed his daily driver for a long time was the Google Pixel 7 Pro, and he has recently made a switch.

Citing its lighter weight, Pichai prefers the Pixel 8 Pro for everyday use, especially when traveling. The Pixel Fold, while boasting a larger screen ideal for tasks like video editing and gaming, is less portable.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro boasts the latest Google Tensor chip, delivering lightning-fast processing for all your daily tasks and on-the-go demands.

But the Pixel 8 Pro isn’t just about speed. It’s a photography powerhouse too, thanks to its advanced camera system. Capture stunning photos and videos in any lighting condition, with features like exceptional low-light performance and crystal-clear zoom capabilities.

Whether you’re a casual shutterbug or an aspiring professional, the Pixel 8 Pro empowers you to capture life’s moments in stunning detail.

The Pixel 8 Pro goes beyond impressive hardware. Google’s intuitive Pixel software ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience. Enjoy seamless integration with Google services and timely software updates that keep your phone secure and optimized.

Pichai acknowledged using Samsung Galaxy and iPhone devices as well, allowing him to compare functionalities across leading brands. This multi-device approach ensures Google Pixel stays competitive in the ever-evolving smartphone landscape.

The interview video, uploaded on YouTube almost a year ago, has already garnered close to 6.7 million views, highlighting the public’s interest in the personal preferences of tech giants such as Satya Nadella, and Mark Zuckerberg among many others.

Google debuted its first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold, at the 2023 I/O developer conference. Starting at $1,799 (roughly Rs 1.47 lakh), the Pixel Fold unfolds from a compact phone with a 5.8-inch screen to a tablet-sized 7.6-inch display. This versatility caters to users seeking a larger screen for various activities.


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