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Shipping and Delivery Policy

Please note that we do not engage in the direct sale or distribution of products listed on our website. As an information-based platform, we provide product recommendations and reviews to help users make informed purchasing decisions. Therefore, we do not handle shipping or delivery of any products to customers.

Shipping and Delivery of Giveaway Items

Occasionally, we may host giveaways or promotional events where we offer free products to our audience. In such cases, androguru.com takes full responsibility for the transportation and delivery of giveaway items.

If you are selected as a winner in any of our giveaways, we will contact you directly to obtain your delivery details. Our team will then arrange for the prompt delivery of the giveaway item to your designated address.

Third-Party Vendors

For products featured on our website that are available for purchase, the shipping and delivery processes are managed by third-party vendors or online retailers.

When you decide to make a purchase through the provided links or buttons, you will be redirected to the respective vendor’s website or online marketplace. It is important to review the shipping and delivery policies of the specific vendor before completing your purchase.

Shipping Information

We encourage our users to thoroughly review the shipping information provided by the vendor or online retailer when making a purchase. This includes details such as shipping methods, estimated delivery times, transportation fees (if applicable), and any additional terms or conditions related to the shipping process.

Each vendor may have its own shipping policies, so it is essential to familiarize yourself with their terms to ensure a smooth and satisfactory delivery experience.

Tracking and Updates

Once you have completed a purchase through a third-party vendor, any tracking information, order updates, and delivery notifications will be provided by the vendor directly.

Please refer to the information provided by the vendor or online retailer to track the progress of your shipment and stay informed about its estimated arrival.

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