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Samsung started production of 560 PPI displays

Unveiling Samsung's vision: Future developments in processor cores, display technologies, and patents.

Samsung’s Analyst Day in South Korea provided investors and analysts with exclusive insights into the company’s business strategy and current performance. During the event, Samsung unveiled some intriguing details about its future plans, and we were able to grab on this information.

ARM CPU - androguru

One particularly fascinating revelation is Samsung’s ambition to develop its own processor cores in the future. While Samsung has previously relied on ARM-based processors, the chip design for the cores has been licensed directly from ARM.

However, Samsung now aims to follow in the footsteps of Qualcomm and Apple by designing its own cores that are compatible with the ARM architecture. This move grants Samsung greater control over the processor’s processes, enabling further optimization.

AMOLED PPI - androguru

Samsung also shared insights into its display technologies during the presentation. Notably, the company announced its plans to introduce flexible AMOLED displays with an impressive pixel density of 560 PPI in the coming year. To put this into perspective, the Galaxy S4, renowned for its 4.99″ Full HD display, boasts a pixel density of 441 PPI, delivering razor-sharp visuals.

AMOLED resolution - androguru

Looking ahead to 2015, Samsung aims to push boundaries even further by surpassing the WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) and venturing into 4K territory, commonly known as Ultra HD or UHD. This move aligns with Samsung’s current advertising campaigns for UHD SmartTVs, highlighting the company’s commitment to high-resolution displays.

Flexible AMOLED patents - androguru

Samsung also takes pride in its expertise in flexible AMOLED displays. Holding roughly one-third of the relevant patents, Samsung strives to maintain its leading position in this technology. The company’s dedication to innovation ensures that it remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving flexible display market.


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