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Google Messages prepares RCS integration with Samsung Continuity

Enhancing communication: Google Messages and Samsung Continuity integration.

Google is currently working on integrating its Google Messages app with Samsung’s Continuity feature, allowing users of Samsung tablets and smartwatches to seamlessly receive calls and messages from their Samsung smartphones.

This new connection will enable the Continuity functionality to access and respond to incoming Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages while utilizing Google Messages.

Initially, there were reports about Google Messages releasing an API for third-party applications to handle RCS messaging. However, it has been clarified that the version of Google Messages containing this functionality is currently only available for Samsung smartphones.

This is a highly efficient messaging app on Android developed by Google, designed to provide users with a convenient way to send and receive messages on the go. We highly recommend using it as the default SMS application on your Android smartphones and tablets.

This integration is particularly significant for Samsung users, as the company has adopted Google Messages as its default messaging app in markets outside of the United States.

Previously, Samsung relied on its own One UI software for SMS, which did not support RCS messaging. By incorporating the well-known Google created and launched app with Continuity, Samsung users can now enjoy the benefits of RCS messaging seamlessly within their preferred messaging app.

This collaboration between Google and Samsung showcases their commitment to enhancing the messaging experience for Android users. By leveraging the capabilities of RCS and integrating it with Samsung’s Continuity feature, users can enjoy a more unified and convenient communication experience across their devices.

With the increasing popularity of smartwatches and tablets, this integration further expands the reach and functionality of RCS messaging, providing users with greater flexibility and convenience in staying connected.

Vineeta Singh

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