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Android 15 might get new adaptive timeout feature to enhance privacy and battery

These strings suggest that this setting will "automatically turn off your screen early if you are not using your device" once activated.

Android enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement as Android 15 prepares to unveil a plethora of fresh features and tweaks for Android phones. Among these anticipated updates is a subtle yet significant tweak that may introduce a new option for screen timeout settings.

Renowned Android expert Mishaal Rahman, writing for Android Authority, recently uncovered intriguing strings hinting at a potential adaptive timeout feature in the second Android 15 Developer Preview. These strings suggest that this setting will “automatically turn off your screen early if you are not using your device” once activated.

While the specifics of how Android will determine device inactivity remain somewhat unclear, it’s likely to extend beyond merely detecting the absence of touch input. Speculations suggest it may employ a sensing method akin to the current Screen Attention feature, which utilizes the device’s front-facing camera to detect user attention.

Notably, these strings are nestled under com.google.*, indicating that the adaptive timeout feature may initially debut as a Pixel exclusive. However, echoing the trajectory of the Screen Attention feature, which premiered with the Pixel 4 before expanding to other smartphones, we might witness a similar rollout pattern for this novel addition.

The introduction of the adaptive timeout feature in Android 15 promises to offer users extended screen timeouts with added security. The operating system will intelligently power down and lock the screen when the device is not in use, effectively conserving battery life by preventing unnecessary power drainage from prolonged screen activity.

While the finer details of the adaptive timeout feature remain elusive, anticipation is high for further insights as Google continues to release Android 15 preview builds.

Google’s forthcoming I/O conference, slated to commence on May 14, is expected to shed more light on Android 15, unveiling anticipated features such as a new Private Space for sensitive apps, updates to the status bar, and additional options to enhance app readability.

Android Authority

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