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The bar form factor represents the most prevalent and straightforward design for mobile phones. It consists of a solid, unibody structure without any movable components, except for the buttons.

To prevent unintended key presses while the phone is being transported in a pocket, purse, or similar, a keyboard lock feature is employed.

Bar phones are characterized by their rectangular shape, with a display screen occupying the front surface and a set of physical buttons located below it.

The buttons may include a keypad for dialing or typing, as well as additional control buttons for navigation and other functions. The overall design of bar phones offers simplicity and ease of use, making them widely accessible to users.

Due to their compact and streamlined construction, bar phones are typically lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfortable handling.

They provide a practical and efficient communication device for users who prefer a straightforward and reliable mobile experience without the need for complex features or moving parts.

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