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No Frills starts selling data plans across Canada

It was only a matter of time before No Frills, the grocery chain owned by Loblaws, ventured into the mobile data market, and now it’s a reality.

No Frills has launched its own mobile data plans under the brand name No Name Mobile. Leveraging the infrastructure of PC Mobile, which operates on Bell’s networks, No Name Mobile promises 4G data speeds for its customers.

Similar to many other Canadian carriers, No Name Mobile sweetens the deal by offering bonus data to customers who opt for automatic credit card payments.

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This feature, known as ‘Auto top up bonus,’ provides additional data benefits. Additionally, all plans come with unlimited Canada-wide calling, free calling to the U.S., free texting, call display, call forwarding, call waiting, and three-way calling.

The available data buckets are as follows:

  • $19 for 1GB (2GB with Auto top up)
  • $24 for 4GB (5GB with Auto top up)
  • $29 for 25GB (30GB with Auto top up)
  • $34 for 55GB (60GB with Auto top up)
  • $40 for 80GB (85GB with Auto top up)
  • $50 for 105GB (110GB with Auto top up)

No Name Mobile SIM cards can be purchased at No Frills grocery stores nationwide, and activation can be done online. However, customers should note that to monitor their data usage, they still need to use the PC Mobile app, available on Android.

It’s worth mentioning that the pricing for plans ranging from $29 to $50 mirrors that of PC Mobile, which offers 5G speeds.

No Name Mobile


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