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Travelers can book Qatar Airways flights from the MOPA Airport using the app on Android

Qatar Airways has decided to relocate its operations from Dabolim International Airport to the new Manohar International Airport (MOPA), sparking a wave of concerns and reactions among stakeholders, particularly from South Goa and overseas travelers.

The move, which comes amid ongoing infrastructure expansions and shifts in the aviation sector, has been met with mixed sentiments. While some view it as a step towards modernization and enhanced facilities, others are apprehensive about the potential economic and logistical implications.

South Goa MP-elect Captain Viriato Fernandes has been vocal about the state government’s handling of the transition. He expressed disappointment, stating, “It is disheartening that Qatar Airways decided to shift operations just two days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Qatar. The BJP government is prioritising the interests of crony capitalists over the well-being of local Goans.”

Fernandes further accused the government of exerting undue pressure on airlines to move to the privately managed MOPA airport. Concerns were also raised about the potential impact on employment, especially among ground staff and related businesses in South Goa.

Former bureaucrat Elvis Gomes echoed concerns, predicting a decline in operations at Dabolim Airport and emphasizing the economic repercussions for local businesses associated with the aviation sector.

Simon D’Silva, president of Goan Welfare Association, Qatar, highlighted the inconvenience for travelers, stating, “Dabolim airport is centrally located which is close to both South and North Goa. Now it is becoming really very inconvenient as one has to drive such a long distance.”

Shailesh Mayenkar, President of United Taximen Union, Vasco, lamented the loss of business since the commencement of operations at MOPA airport. “Our taxi business is badly affected. It is down by three-fourth now and instead of making three trips it is difficult to even get one trip per day.”

In response to the relocation, suggestions have been put forward to mitigate the inconvenience for South Goa passengers. Captain Jonathan Fernandes proposed establishing check-in counters in Margao and providing dedicated bus services to MOPA airport, mirroring successful models in other regions.

As discussions continue, the decision to relocate Qatar Airways operations to MOPA airport remains a contentious issue. While proponents emphasize the potential benefits of enhanced infrastructure and operational efficiency, critics argue for the preservation of Dabolim Airport’s pivotal role in Goa’s tourism and economic landscape.

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