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Editorial Policy

androguru.com welcomes feedback from readers and the companies and people we cover. If the content we cover is disputed, in terms of factual accuracy or wording, company representatives may reach out to us here. Corrections or changes due to evolving situations will be duly noted in each story.

We stand by our reviews process methodologies. We may choose to highlight negative experiences to a manufacturer or its representatives prior to publishing content, to determine if this is its intended behaviour.

We may also offer manufacturers and their representatives to substitute a review unit, deliver a software update, or otherwise diagnose their device or service.

We may communicate with such companies about the progress or status of a review. We may receive demonstrations, suggestions for usage, marketing material illustrating certain features, and user or review guides. However, no outside company will have access to the content of a review, news article, or analysis before it is published, and may not suggest or demand anything related to that content.

If a product or service is updated in a way that changes an experience or the outcome of a specific test, androguru.com may choose to add a note to its reviews, but will not erase content or ratings without disclosure.

If a company feels that a negative experience was the result of a one-off malfunction or bug, we might agree to perform tests again on a new unit, and will update our content accordingly, with disclosures.

androguru.com guidelines prohibit employees from behaviour that can be considered unethical, including, but not limited to, accepting gifts or review units for personal use, accepting money or other forms of compensation from the companies we cover, and even working with the companies we cover in any kind of advisory positions. Employees may receive token non-commercial gifts of a nominal value, such as branded merchandise or holiday greetings, but may not use these for official work.

Editorial staff is not involved in any business development activities or activities related to ad sales or affiliate partnerships, but may represent the company’s editorial positions and work to the wider industry.

Companies may also offer information and access to products and people under embargo and with an exclusivity agreement. androguru.com may at its discretion agree to honour the terms of an embargo or non-disclosure agreement until such time as the company releases the information publicly, in order to prepare coverage in advance.

However, this does not influence our editorial decisions in terms of what we deem worth covering, what we report, and how we conduct reviews or assign ratings to products and services.

Companies may sponsor refreshments, meals, and travel of our staff to cover certain events or attend meetings. For travel outside city limits or any overnight stay at a remote location, such reports will carry a disclosure clearly indicating the company that sponsored the trip.

Any relationship that these companies or their representatives might have with our advertising, marketing and affiliates teams will have no bearing on editorial coverage.

androguru.com staff are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and exercise discretion when attending events, meeting industry professionals, and otherwise representing the brand and organisation in any way.

All content published on androguru.com and expressed otherwise, for example verbally or through personal social media, must be professional in tone and content and must be free of biases and outside influence.

Non-editorial staff, including sales and marketing staff, may pass feedback and pitches from the companies we cover to the editorial team, but will have no control over the stories and products we cover or choose not to cover, or the content of such coverage. Sales and marketing staff may not make any commitments to clients about the amount or content of coverage they might receive.

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