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Ethics Statement

At androguru.com, we prioritize accuracy and objectivity (ethics) in our news coverage. We believe that it is crucial to maintain editorial independence, which is why all our editorial coverage is entirely independent. Additionally, we take transparency seriously, and all sponsored content is clearly labelled, ensuring that our readers can easily identify it.

We also believe in giving credit where credit is due. Unless the news comes directly from official sources or their PR affiliates, we always provide link credit to the original sources. This practice is not only ethical, but it is also essential to contribute to the online publishing ecosystem and best journalism practices.

In addition to giving credit, we also make sure to acquire written permission when necessary. If we use images in our content, we credit the source and obtain written permission beforehand. This practice ensures that we respect the intellectual property rights of creators and prevent any potential legal issues.

Furthermore, we understand that mistakes can happen, and we are committed to addressing them. If there are any corrections or update requests, our readers can contact us at support(at)androguru(dot)com, and we will do our best to rectify the situation promptly.

Our dedication to accuracy and objectivity extends beyond just news coverage. We hold our feature content to the same high standards, stressing the importance of research and objectivity. Our writers and editors are industry veterans, ensuring that every new article has the latest and most accurate information, as well as all relevant details. When we are the original source, we follow basic journalism principles, fact-checking, and providing context that explains why the news is important to our readers.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best, most engaging content possible for our visitors. Our team consists of writers from diverse backgrounds in all facets of the entertainment industry, brought together by a passion for all things tech-related.

We take pride in our work and strive to be one of the most reliable sources of Android-related content on the web.

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