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vivo iQOO 11S to come with 200W charging, certification documents revealed

Embracing innovation and power: Get ready for the vivo iQOO 11S with 200W charging and a Dimensity 9300 chipset.

vivo’s iQOO 11 series is about to welcome a new member, the iQOO 11S, which will stand out with its powerful Dimensity 9300 chipset.

Recent findings from the 3C listing indicate that the charging capabilities of the iQOO 11S will remain unchanged, ensuring a seamless charging experience. The certification confirms that the iQOO 11S will support 200W fast charging, matching the current flagship offering from the brand.

The upcoming iQOO 11S, identified by the model number V2304A, will come bundled with the vivo V200100A0L0-CN charger, which delivers a maximum output of 20V/10A. This charger is already included in the packaging of the iQOO 11 Pro. Additionally, it is worth noting that the charger is USB-PD compliant, meaning it will also provide speedy charging for Power Delivery devices, although not necessarily at the full 200W speed.

MediaTek Dimensity - androguru

Leaks of the iQOO 11S have surfaced in the past, showcasing a Mint Green color variant with a faux leather back, a design option already available for the iQOO 11 and iQOO 11 Pro. However, we eagerly await the official announcement to confirm whether the introduction of the MediaTek chipset will be the sole differentiating factor or if vivo has more surprises in store for its dedicated fan base.

Stay tuned for more updates on the iQOO 11S, as we eagerly anticipate its official launch and the unveiling of its exciting features and specifications. Let’s see how this new addition to the iQOO 11 series will further elevate the brand’s offerings and cater to the diverse needs of smartphone enthusiasts.


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