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LitAir illuminating strategic pathways in electronics design in Goa

Co-founded by Sachin Shah, and Rohan Nadkarni, this Goa-based unit is gaining prominence for its groundbreaking work in designing and manufacturing brushless direct current (BLDC) Controllers.

In a remarkable stride towards reshaping the landscape of electronics design, LitAir Solutions is pioneering new horizons. Co-founded by Sachin Shah, and Rohan Nadkarni, this Goa-based unit is gaining prominence for its groundbreaking work in designing and manufacturing brushless direct current (BLDC) Controllers. These controllers play a pivotal role in powering motors of various electrical appliances like fans, air conditioners, heaters, coolers, and generators.

With the Indian consumer durable industry undergoing a transition from traditional induction motors to energy-efficient BLDC motors, the demand for controllers by LitAir Solutions (LitAir) is surging. The controllers, which cater to a wide array of consumer needs, are highly sought after by popular brands. Beyond controllers, LitAir Solutions also excels in designing, developing, and manufacturing LED lighting, battery backup lamps, and street light drivers.

LitAir Solutions’ rapid ascendancy recently caught the attention of Panasonic’s senior management team from Japan. Their visit to LitAir’s office underscored the startup’s prowess in BLDC technology. Impressed by LitAir’s expertise, Panasonic sought to explore innovative solutions for energy conservation, reinforcing LitAir’s standing in the industry.

The journey of LitAir Solutions commenced in the basement of its co-founders’ home just before the COVID-19 pandemic. With an initial capital of Rs. one lakh, the startup’s valuation has surged to an impressive 2.16 crore. Nadkarni and Shah, formerly associated with Crompton & Greaves, entered the entrepreneurial realm with aspirations of creating a pioneering enterprise. Their venture was fueled by complementary skill sets and shared aspirations for innovation.

Taking inspiration from their mutually aligned goals, Nadkarni and Shah hatched their business plan in 2012 during their tenure at C&G factory in Badi, Himachal Pradesh. The duo realized their shared ambitions and recognized the potential synergies of their areas of specialization. This partnership marked the genesis of LitAir Solutions.

Sachin Shah (LitAir Solutions Goa) - androguru

The company operates primarily through the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) model, ensuring comprehensive control over every production aspect. Their commitment to innovation and hands-on approach is exemplified by the in-house development of the complete printed circuit board (PCB) used in the controller’s design. Starting with a modest turnover of 10 lakh in the first year, Nadkami and Shah’s dedication propelled the company to an impressive 78 crore turnover the following year.

The adoption of Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors, known for significantly reducing energy consumption in consumer durables, is on a rapid rise. Despite the higher costs associated with BLDC motors, the growing emphasis on energy efficiency in the consumer electronics market is driving demand.

Amidst pandemic challenges, LitAir Solutions found an unexpected opportunity. Travel restrictions disrupting the installation of appliances imported with BLDC motors fueled a demand surge for local solutions. Seizing this moment, the startup fulfilled a remarkable order of 10 crore controllers during the lockdown.

As LitAir Solutions continues its journey, a commitment to innovation, design excellence, and collaborative efforts remains central to its operations. Positioned as a leader in design and innovation, the company is dedicated to delivering light and air efficiencies.

Looking ahead, LitAir Solutions envisions transitioning into a private limited company while maintaining its commitment to reinvesting profits for further growth. The company’s strategic partnerships and unwavering focus on design and technology innovation underscore its pioneering role in the electronics domain.

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