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Doctori on Android is the premium healthcare app for customer convenience

As Doctori expands its reach geographically into KSA and neighboring GCC countries, Ahmed emphasizes the importance of action-oriented planning and unwavering belief in one's vision for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“The journey of developing the Doctori app, from conceptualization to implementation, has been the most enlightening experience in my healthcare voyage.” – Ahmed Mahmood

Establishing Doctori in 2018 was a pivotal moment for Ahmed Mahmood, a Chemical Engineering alumnus from the University of Manchester. His vision was to pioneer a platform integrating cutting-edge technology and medical care, offering patients swift and convenient access to doctors for appointments and consultations online.

The catalyst for this endeavor was the experience of both Ahmed and his co-founder, Ahmed AlAwadhi, whose grandfathers were undergoing medical treatment abroad. This ignited their exploration of the emerging realm of virtual medical assistance.

Ahmed Mahmood, alongside his co-founder, personally invested time and effort into realizing the project. Their passion for healthcare, coupled with familial support from medical practitioners, propelled them forward. Leveraging strategic and analytical skills honed through an engineering background, they navigated challenges, with telemedicine regulations posing a significant obstacle.

In Bahrain, healthcare regulations mandated strict adherence to guidelines, including telehealth provisions. Despite regulatory hurdles, Doctori sought to comply with industry standards and secure licensing from the NHRA in Bahrain.

Doctori on Android - androguru
Image by: Doctori

The timing of Doctori’s launch amidst the COVID-19 pandemic was serendipitous. Amidst a global health crisis, the app emerged as a lifeline, offering seamless access to medical services, including video consultations, e-prescriptions, home or clinic-based lab testing, and comprehensive healthcare services in collaboration with medical institutes.

Doctori’s patient-centric approach was instrumental in its success, fostering a diverse client base across the GCC and beyond. For Ahmed, the journey of developing Doctori provided invaluable insights into the healthcare landscape, with his engineering background proving instrumental in navigating analytical and financial aspects of the venture.

Reflecting on the support received, Ahmed acknowledges Tamkeen’s pivotal role in facilitating Doctori’s growth through various funding mechanisms. As Doctori expands its reach geographically into KSA and neighboring GCC countries, Ahmed emphasizes the importance of action-oriented planning and unwavering belief in one’s vision for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In essence, Doctori’s journey serves as an inspiration to startups, embodying the ethos of “Plan less, do more, and always believe in your vision,” as articulated by Ahmed Mahmood.

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