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BFC Pay has new experiences with the Travel Buddy Visa Card

By seamlessly integrating with the Xperience Entertainer app, BFC Pay cardholders can now access a wide range of 2-for-1 deals and special discounts.

Bahrain Financing Company (BFC) Pay has announced a game-changing enhancement to its services with the introduction of the Travel Buddy Visa Card, providing cardholders with access to a plethora of dynamic deals and exclusive buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF) offers both locally and internationally through the Xperience Entertainer app. This strategic collaboration aims to elevate the customer experience by unlocking a world of exciting new adventures and opportunities.

The Travel Buddy Visa Card promises to revolutionize the way customers explore and indulge in leisure activities, offering unparalleled convenience and value-added benefits. By seamlessly integrating with the Xperience Entertainer app, BFC Pay cardholders can now access a wide range of 2-for-1 deals and special discounts at leading venues across various categories, including dining, entertainment, travel, wellness, and more.

xperience with the ENTERTAINER - androguru

Unlocking these exclusive offers is a simple and straightforward process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. To activate the offer, cardholders need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Open the Xperience Entertainer App & Log In: Begin by accessing the Xperience Entertainer app and logging in to your account securely.
  2. Select a Venue & Locked Offer: Browse through the list of participating venues and select a locked offer that catches your interest. Rest assured, selecting a locked offer will not redeem it immediately.
  3. Enter Your BFC Pay Travel Buddy Card Number: Input your BFC Pay Travel Buddy Visa Card number into the designated field to activate the app.
  4. Unlock Your Offer: Once your card details are verified, the app will be activated, and the selected offer will be unlocked, ready for redemption.
  5. Enjoy Incredible Deals: With your offer successfully unlocked, you can now explore the Xperience Entertainer app and start redeeming fantastic deals and discounts at your preferred destinations.

The Travel Buddy Visa Card marks a significant milestone in BFC Pay’s commitment to delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions that enrich the lives of its users. By partnering with the Xperience Entertainer app, BFC Pay aims to provide unparalleled value and memorable experiences to its growing customer base.

Commenting on the launch, a spokesperson for BFC Pay expressed excitement about the partnership and the immense benefits it brings to cardholders. They emphasized the company’s dedication to continuously enhancing its offerings and empowering customers to make the most of their leisure time while enjoying exclusive privileges and savings.

The integration of the Xperience Entertainer app with the Travel Buddy Visa Card reflects BFC Pay’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With this latest development, BFC Pay reaffirms its position as a leading player in the digital payment landscape, offering unparalleled convenience, value, and rewards to its discerning clientele.

Stay tuned as BFC Pay continues to roll out exciting initiatives and partnerships aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience and setting new benchmarks in the realm of digital payments and lifestyle solutions.



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