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Tamkeen pioneers government OBS with Tarabut Gateway

This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the accessibility and efficiency of financial transactions for individuals and enterprises benefiting from Tamkeen services.

Tamkeen, the Labour Fund, has announced the launch of an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) verification service in collaboration with Tarabut Gateway, a leading open banking solutions platform. This partnership aims to streamline transactions for both individual and enterprise beneficiaries of Tamkeen services.

Demonstrating its commitment to operational innovation and productivity enhancement through private sector partnerships, Tamkeen is the first governmental entity to collaborate with Tarabut Gateway. Leveraging Tarabut’s advanced technology, Tamkeen ensures a robust solution that minimizes transaction issues. The service eliminates the manual attachment of certificates, allowing customers to effortlessly validate their IBANs. This process not only saves time but also reduces errors, ensuring seamless payments.

Ms. Najma Al Wadi, Tamkeen’s Chief Technology Officer, highlighted, “Tamkeen is dedicated to adding value to the services provided to our beneficiaries, whether individuals or enterprises. Our strategic partnership with Tarabut Gateway underscores Tamkeen’s commitment to fostering digital transformation in government services and leveraging advanced technological solutions to deliver innovation and user-friendly experiences. This initiative enables us to offer a more efficient and exceptional customer experience. Additionally, we are collaborating with Tarabut on another initiative to verify wage support transfers, further facilitating effective transfers.”

Tamkeen and Tarabut Gateway - androguru

Abdulla Almoayed, Founder and CEO of Tarabut, expressed his delight in partnering with Tamkeen, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Tamkeen and support their vision for the digital transformation of government services. Tamkeen’s commitment to embracing technology aligns perfectly with our mission to empower enterprises and individuals through advanced digital solutions. We are confident that this new service will be well-received by all users, making Tamkeen services more efficient and accessible.”

This initiative aligns with Tamkeen’s 2024 strategic priorities, which focus on economic impact and the private sector under three pillars: increasing economic participation through employment opportunities, expanding career development opportunities for the Bahraini workforce, and further developing the private sector by supporting enterprises and fostering productivity and technology adoption.


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