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Burn 800 Calories in 20 Minutes with EMS Training

At 0805 Fitness, clients from diverse backgrounds benefit from this breakthrough, including stay-at-home mothers, workaholics, gym enthusiasts, and senior citizens.

Experience the revolutionary world of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Training at 0805 Fitness, pioneered by Founder Lama Zaarour. A year ago, Lama assembled a team of highly experienced and certified trainers to introduce this highly effective workout session to clients. The focus of EMS Training revolves around two keywords – efficiency and effectiveness, as it enables clients to optimize their workout time while achieving exceptional results.

The process is simple and convenient – members don a breathable, anti-bacterial exercise vest equipped with electrodes targeting different muscle groups. The customized session, designed by certified EMS trainers, activates 90% of muscles that are often left untouched during regular gym workouts. These electrical impulses combined with deliberate muscle tension intensify muscle engagement, making them work significantly harder without the need for added weights.

Scientifically proven, EMS Training helps clients burn an average of 800 calories in just 20 minutes, surpassing conventional workout routines. Movements like bicep curls, crunches, squats, lunges, and more become even more effective and efficient with EMS. Lama Zaarour (Fitness Expert in Bahrain) - androguru

While EMS has been used for physiotherapy and athlete training, it has resurged with a greater role in the public eye. At 0805 Fitness, clients from diverse backgrounds benefit from this breakthrough, including stay-at-home mothers, workaholics, gym enthusiasts, and senior citizens. EMS allows them to save valuable time by achieving similar results in a fraction of the time.

Addressing concerns about the effectiveness and safety of EMS, 0805 Fitness emphasizes the importance of combining it with a balanced and nutritious diet. Not a magical solution, EMS requires dedication and a healthy lifestyle to yield long-lasting results. With regular attendance, clients usually notice visible changes in physical appearance and performance after four sessions, while significant transformations are apparent within three months.

Regarding safety, 0805 Fitness reassures clients that EMS is entirely safe. The low-level electrical impulses create a tingling sensation rather than causing pain, making it gentle on the joints. EMS is also beneficial for back pain and individuals with difficulties exercising due to discomfort.

Partnering with Miha Bodytec, a renowned German EMS technology leader, 0805 Fitness ensures world-class equipment and bodysuits for an unrivaled training experience. As a valued addition to the Kingdom’s sports and fitness industry, 0805 Fitness began as Lama Zaarour’s visionary idea during her visit to Bahrain in May 2016.

As an entrepreneur, Lama passionately describes 0805 Fitness as the fruition of her dream, belief, perseverance, hard work, and commitment. Embracing entrepreneurship as a choice and lifestyle, she acknowledges the promising and supportive market in Bahrain, enriched by down-to-earth, educated, and hardworking individuals, further bolstered by the government’s support for SMEs.

With EMS Training revolutionizing the fitness landscape, 0805 Fitness stands as a testament to Bahrain’s potential for innovative ventures, promising a remarkable and successful journey ahead.

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