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Galaxy Watch6 Classic renders show the return of rotating bezel

Rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming summer Unpacked event in late July have been circulating, suggesting that the event will showcase the latest Galaxy wearables along with other flagship products.

Excitingly, leaked renders have now surfaced, further reinforcing previous speculation that the iconic rotating bezel will be making a comeback in the new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic.

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic is anticipated to be a premium offering, boasting a sleek and minimalist design characterized by its metal body and two buttons located on the right side.

The design closely resembles that of its predecessor, the Watch4 Classic, with only a minor variation observed in the strap.

The renders showcase a butterfly clasp instead of the conventional belt-type hole and pin, although it is expected to support standard straps, ensuring easy replacement if desired.

Reports from a reliable source suggest that the Galaxy Watch6 Classic will sport a 1.47″ AMOLED display with a resolution of 470×470 pixels, promising vibrant visuals and sharp details for an immersive user experience.

In terms of battery capacity, it is rumored to have a slightly upgraded 425 mAh capacity, surpassing its predecessors, the Watch4 Classic and the vanilla Watch5.

Notably, the renders also indicate that Samsung will continue to employ classic wireless charging for the new watch, ensuring convenient and hassle-free charging for users.

With these leaked renders and information, anticipation grows for Samsung’s summer Unpacked event, where the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is expected to make its grand debut.

As we await the official announcement, the rumored design and features of this highly anticipated smartwatch build excitement and reinforce Samsung’s commitment to delivering premium and innovative wearable technology to its customers.

We did not find a big difference, but the best thing to do at the moment is wait for more news to crop up from Samsung so that we are in a better position to expect the unexpected.



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